Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"there are no addresses available for this application" error in SharePoint managed metadata service

In SharePoint 2013, After Configuring the managed metadata service app in SharePoint 2013, when click on “Properties” on the top ribbon for managed metadata service app, it is showing a popup box with the message “there are no addresses available for this application” as shown below.

For Managed metadata service app properties, it is showing the error message “The managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available. The Application Pool or Managed Metadata Web Service may not have been started. Please Contact your Administrator”.

In the error message itself SharePoint providing the solution. I was checked the Managed Metadata service (Central Administration -> manage Services on server -> Managed metadata service). It was stopped. Started the service.

Check the application pools in IISManager, started the Application pools in IISManager.

If still getting the same issue, just do IISRESET.  
Finally managed metadata service is working like charm.

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