Monday, September 23, 2013

SharePoint User Profile Service Error – Cannot navigate to the requested page because the service is not running”

While working with user profile service in SharePoint, configuring new connection, I got an error saying that “Cannot navigate to the requested page because…” as shown in the image below.

To fix this we need to start the user profile service in the services. But we need to have “Replicating domain changes” permissions. Without this we can’t import the changes from AD to SharePoint/SharePoint to AD.

To provide the permission, Right click on Active Directory and select “Delegate Control” option.

We can see the wizard, select the user and click next, in the Permissions window; we need to grant “replicate Directory Changes” right for the user.

Now we need to start the User Profile Synchronization service in Services. It will take some little time to start.

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