Friday, March 22, 2013

Share Point Managed Paths

In Share point we have Managed paths for web applications. When we create a new site collection in a web application by default root site collection will be created with web application URL. Remaining site collections will create using '/site' managed path. If we want to create a site collection with the name 'test' it will take next to '/site' managed path. We can create our own managed paths in share point instead of existing.

In SharePoint 2010, "Central Administration -> Application Management--> Manage Web Applications--> 'By selecting the web application On the Top ribbon you can see the option managed paths'". You can create your own managed paths.

By default you can see two managed paths, (root) (Explicit inclusion) , sites (Wildcard inclusion). 

Explicit inclusion and Wildcard inclusion:

In explicit inclusion, you can't create more than one site collection under that managed path. For Example you have created a explicit managed path 'MyExplicitPath', You can create only one site collection, like "http://Servername:9090/MyExplicitPath", You don't have any option to create one more site collection. You can see this in the image below.

As shown the above image, you can see only one site collection with 'MyExplicitPath' managed path.

In wildcard inclusion, you can have option to create multiple site collections with the managed path. For example, you have created a managed path 'MyWildCardPath', you can add multiple site collection under http://servername:9090/MyWildCardPath/SiteCollection1http://servername:9090/MyWildCardPath/SiteCollection2http://servername:9090/MyWildCardPath/SiteCollection3....

As shown in the above image wildcard inclusion will allow text box after managed path. So that we can create multiple site collections.

we can choose Explicit inclusion to create site collections with unique site collection under a managed path and Wildcard inclusion to create multiple site collections under a managed path.

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