Monday, March 18, 2013

Share Point- The trial period for this product has expired

While working on SharePoint 2010,One fine Monday morning i came to office and started my work. I was started browsing my share point dev site, it was shown an error message "The trial period for this product has expired." 

I am very sure that Iam not working on any trail product. Started googling it and found 3 reasons for that error,

  • My SharePoint is trailed one and it was expired.
  • Problem with my Central Administrator Application pool Account
  • Problem with my registry.
There is 0% chances for the first one. If it is, i have only one choice to fix it (get licensed version of share point :))

While checking the second option, Go to inet manager, check the central administration site application pool account. It was running with Network Credentials. Account that are running application pool need to be in the local administrator group. So i just changed the application pool account to Administrator. 

Run--> inetmgr-->Application Pools--> SharePoint Central Administrator--> Advanced Sttings--> Identity (change the account)

Or add the current application pool identity account to local Administrator group.

Run "iisreset"   

Still you have same issue, there might be some share point secure sources not configured correctly . You need to run "SharePoint Configuration wizard" or run 
"psconfig.exe -cmd secureresources" command(c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Bin\psconfig.exe -cmd secureresources)

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