Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SharePoint 2013- Content type publishing using content type hub

In my previous posts i have explained about configuring managed meta data, Creating terms and term sets, Associating managed meta data to a share point column

SharePoint supports accessing content types from one site collection to another site collection through content type hub. To create content type hub, we need to configure managed meta data service in service applications. 

Check properties for Managed metadata service in central Administration (Central Administration--> Application Management--> Manage Service Applications--> Managed meta data service--> Properties)

Check Content Type hub site url, if Content type hub url is empty, Add new site collection url that to work as content type hub. If content type hub url already configured, check "Content Type Syndication Hub" feature activated or not in the site collection features.
(Site Settings--> Site Collection features--> Content type syndication Hub). Content Type Syndication Hub feature must be activated to publish the content type.

Check Managed meta data service connection properties, Check "Consumes content types from the Content Type Gallery at ......" as shown in the image below.

Go to Content type hub site collection, Create new content type to publish (Site Settings--> Site Content types--> Create). In my case i have created a content type "Test", Added few existing columns to that content type. Click on "Manage publishing for this content type" link, select "Publish" and click "OK".

To check/use content type in another site collection, we need to run two timer jobs(Content Type Hub, Content Type Subscriber) in central admin(Central Administration--> Monitoring--> Review timer jobs).

Check Content Type Hub timer job, Content Type Subscriber timer job associated with content type hub site collection.

Click on the timer job inks and click on "Run now" button.(Here we are running timer jobs to see the published content type immediately in another site collection)

Go to any other site collection to use published content type, check site content types(Site settings--> Site Content Types). You can able to see the published content type in the site content types.

You can see only "Advanced settings" link for the content type as shown below.

If you need any change in the content type means to add/delete/update any column(s) in the content type, go to content type hub site collection, change the content type, republish the content type and run the timer jobs.

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