Friday, April 12, 2013

SharePoint 2013 - Configure managed metadata service

In my previous post i have published the basics of managed meta data. In this post iam writing about how to configure managed metadata service.

What is managed meta data service?
Managed metadata service, is allows to use managed metadata and share content types on Site collections and Web application level. Managed meta data service application publishes term store, content types in site collection/Web application level and a managed metadata connection in share point. 

By enabling managed meta data service application, managed meta data service will be automatically created.Service will identifies the database to be served as term store and connection provides access to the service. All enterprise managed terms will be stored in the DB that specified by managed metadata service. When ever administrator creating connection to the service and  publishing the managed metadata service, he need to know the URL of the service. We can also use managed meta data service to share content types.

To use managed meta data, a web application need to have connection to the managed metadata service. When managed meta data service is created, a connection will be created to the web application.

How to configure managed meta data service?
We can configure the managed meta data service in central administration. 

Central Administration--> Application management-->Manage service applications 
Configure meta data service app

In Manage service applications, add new managed meta data service as shown in the image below.

Add Name, Database name, Application pool name details in the popup as shown images below.
Name: Name of the service.
Database name: Name of the data base for the service.
Application Pool: Application pool to run the service.

Managed meta data service will be created in the service applications. 

Check managed metadata web service is running in the services (Application management--> manage services)

After creating managed meta data service, we need to check the following properties (Managed meta data service--> Properties(top ribbon))

Default Keyword location: To store new enterprise keywords in the keyword set associated term store in the managed meta data or not.

Default term set location: To store term sets, while creating managed meta data site columns in managed meta data term store.

Use Content Types: This option will available only if the service has hub defined to share content types. This option need to select when to make content types that associated managed meta data service available to users of sites in the web application.

Push-down Content Type Publishing updates from the Content Type Gallery to sub-sites and lists using the content type: This option need to select when update the existing instances of the changed content types in sub-sites and libraries.

Check the permissions for managed meta data service (Select the service--> click on Administrators (top ribbon)), assign administrator to the service as shown the images below.

By clicking on the managed meta data service, it will redirect to managed meta data screen as shown in the image below. There we can create new groups, term sets and terms.

Hope this will help for how to configure managed meta data service, Provide your comments and suggestions on this post.

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