Monday, April 15, 2013

SharePoint 2013- Create term set, terms, Assign managed metadata to a list/library column

In my previous posts i have explained basics of managed meta data and configuring managed meta data in share point.

In post i am writing about how to use (assign) managed meta data to a list/library column  After configuring managed meta data service, click on managed meta data service in the service applications.
(Central Administration--> Manage service Applications--> Managed meta data service (Configured earlier))

You will be redirected to term store management tool page. Add new group to managed meta data group as shown in the image below. 

I have added group  named as school as shown below.

We can see the General properties for the term set as shown in the above image.
Add a term set to the school group. I have added students as term set. 

For term set we can see four menu options on the to. as shown in the images.
General- General options for term set like name, Description, Owner, Contact, Owner, Unique ID.

Intended use- usage of the term set.

Custom sort- sorting option

Custom properties- option to add custom properties to the term set.

Add term to the term set. I have added class-1, class-2, class-3, class-4...etc as shown image below.

for term also, we have two menu options, General and custom properties.

Add new column to the list\library of type managed metadata. Added new column to the Document library with "Student class" and select the type as shown in the below.

Add new document to the document library. For the column Student class managed meta data will suggest the option as shown in the image below.

As that we can configure managed meta data column. Provide your comments and suggestions on this post.

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